Decorating with Wall Decals

Decorating with Wall Decals
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Monday, January 23, 2017

Here's a Happy How-to: A Grandchildren Brag Board with Clothespins for Easy (and Changeable) Display

Grandmas (and Grandpas!) love to show off their grandchildren. Here's a project that's a perfect way to do that–the Grandchildren Brag Board! The grandkids will be excited to see their pictures displayed when they come to visit, and their parents will be so proud. This would also be a great Mother's Day or Father's Day gift for Grandma or Grandpa! Read along to learn more about this easy project using grandchildren wall decal.
First we ran a test using a grandchildren wall decal that had been packaged for more than a year, to be sure wrinkles were not a problem. When applied to this smooth, glossy-painted board, there were no issues. (We did have the wall sticker lying fairly flat, as shown, for about a week before application and I recommend this for all wall decals that come packaged in a roll.)
  Here is the beginning of the application of the wall decal....using the hinge method (applying just a small part first.)


                                  And now, the Grandchildren Board with the wall decal fully applied. 


This particular spray paint worked so well that I am now stocking it! I recommend a second layer of paint be sprayed on about 10 minutes after the first layer for totally smooth coverage before applying the wall decal. No need for a foam brush, and you can complete your Grandchildren Brag Board all in one day!

  When applying the clothespin, we recommend adding wood glue to the underside, along with nailing  to make a sturdier connection. Twist the top part of the clothespin to the side  (as shown above) for easy hammering.

TaDa! The completed Grandchildren Brag Board, ready to display your favorite photos or pictures.