Decorating with Wall Decals

Decorating with Wall Decals
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Monday, September 18, 2017

Measure Your Child's Growth with Wall Decals

It's such fun to decorate a child's room. A perfect addition is a Growth Chart wall sticker that will be functional AND enhance your theme.

Wall Decor Plus More has a big selection of Growth Chart wall decals. Simply Click Here to choose one for your child's room, or you could even feature them in the family or toy room.

Sports is a fun theme for boys' rooms and our 
Football Growth Chart
measures 11" W by 42" T.
It is available in 45+ fun colors to match any wall decor.

Pictured above are two of our fun Growth Charts:
the Princess Growth Chart and the Space Growth Chart.
Check out the special age markers shown below. The Space Chart has cool "Star" age markers.

The Princess Chart has fun "Shoe" age markers.
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You can personalize several of the Growth Chart Wall Stickers with the child's name. And there are loads of colors to match up with the theme and colors in your child's room. The Monkey Growth Chart to the left was custom ordered to be personalized with 2 names.

Think about a Growth Chart Wall Sticker if you need a unique and original gift for a new baby or a young child.

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Browse all our Growth Chart Wall Stickers HERE and order your favorite today. Our simple application directions will have you ready to measure in no time!