Decorating with Wall Decals

Decorating with Wall Decals
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Friday, May 11, 2018

Add Vinyl Decals to Your Camping Adventures

Camping is full of adventure and here are some great ideas for using vinyl decals to personalize your camper and your camping gear.

Camper Wall Decal Sticker Custom designed    Welcome To Our Camper Quotes Vinyl Wall Decal Stickers for Motorhome RV-Coral

For campers you need unbreakable decor that takes up practically no space and Wall vinyl decals are PERFECT! Pick an elegant or a friendly vinyl saying. We have some just for camping, but lots of our kitchen and family wall sayings work well for your camper too.

 Happy Camper Vinyl Lettering Art Wall Decals Stickers Tribal RV Home with Arrows  Feather Wall Art Vinyl Sticker Decal Not All Who Wander Are Lost  Summer Quotes Welcome to our Campsite Summer Vinyl Decals for the Camper

You can use wall shapes, like polka dots or squares, to brighten the decor. Or wall vinyl stripes can add a border or define a use area, like the eating table. Wall decals are easy to use – just peel off the backing and place them on the wall, furniture, or other surface.  
                Polka Dot Wall Stickers        Peel n Stick Wall Application - 1 inch Buttercream Stripes to create a Wall Design

To stay organized, it can be helpful to label your camping gear and kitchen items like mugs and storage containers. We also do personalized decals, and have lots of colors and fonts to choose from. Be sure to tell us if your decal will be used mainly outdoors (like the car/camper decal below). We have both indoor and outdoor decals and there are important differences in material and adhesive! 

Tumbler Stickers Name Initial Arrows In Circle Vinyl Decals for Personalized Yeti RTIC-Glossy Purple, Middle Gray, Turquoise Good Morning Dear His and Hers Tumbler/Coffee Mug Decals Monogram Car or Truck Decal Vinyl Sticker Glossy Personalized

Don't forget to add vinyl decals to your camping adventures this season!

~ Sallianne

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Make a DIY Toy Stove for Your Little Chef's a great DIY gift idea for your favorite kid: a cute little toy stove. Your child will have hours of fun "cooking," then surprising you with his or her creations. Get your fork ready!

All you need is:
  1. a small or medium size plastic tote and lid
  2.    vinyl decals (the stove top set) from Wall Decor Plus More 
  3. a little patience

Conveniently, this mini stove comes with its own storage (the tote) for all the kitchen "utensils" your child will need and want. You can get these at Walmart for less than $20, or go through your own surplus, or check out a garage sale or thrift store.
Let's begin.            
  • First, the LID needs to be clean and free of dust or dirt. 
  •  Next, position the decals like in the image here.
  •    Voila! Your mini stove is ready for "cooking." It's really easy!
A kid-size apron will add to the fun. Are you crafty, or know someone who can run one up on the sewing machine? Child-size potholders or oven mitts will help your small cook with pretending – sew them, knit them, crochet them? Remember potholder looms? If your kid is old enough, help them make their own potholders!

Another plus is that this mini stove is portable so you can take it outside. Yep, mix in the extra fun of sand, water, pebbles, and sticks and who knows what else. Before you put the mini stove away make sure the "stove" stickers are clean and dry so it will be ready for the next cooking session. 

This mini stove will keep your little one busy "cooking" for hours, indoors or out! You can "cook" with your child or just "eat" whatever they whip up on their mini stove


Monday, February 12, 2018

Kitchen Wall Quote Stickers for a Personal Touch many of us the kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether you cook for a big family or just for yourself, give your kitchen that personal touch with a kitchen quote sticker.

There are lots of choices, old and new, on our Kitchen Sayings page. Two long-time favorites at Wall Decor Plus More, pictured above, are:

"In This Family" and

"Meals & Memories Are Made Here" kitchen wall stickers aren't just for walls! They can also be applied to cupboard doors, refrigerators, mirrors, glass, and so much more! Give your kitchen that personal touch with a kitchen sayings wall sticker from Wall Decor Plus More!

Browse through our kitchen sayings wall stickers page HERE. With so many choices, you're sure to find the perfect one (or more) to add to your kitchen.


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Expert Tips on Best Paint Finishes for Wall Stickers

Got a redecorating project in mind that will utilize wall stickers? Wonderful!

Here are some tips about the best paint finishes and wall surfaces to help make your project as successful as possible.

1 - PAINT FINISHES - They do make a difference! Satin or glossy paint makes for a good finish to apply wall stickers. Enamel is even better because it is the least porous. Flat finish is too porous for wall stickers to adhere to, and zero VOC paint doesn't work well either. Click on this post for more tips and information on painting: Tips to Help You Paint Like a Pro 

Wall Decal on Textured Wall
2 - TEXTURE VS SHINE - Shiny paint (satin, gloss, enamel) is a better choice, even if your wall has some texture, than flat paint even on a smooth wall without texture. Our special post about working with texture can be found at Don't Hesitate, You CAN Use Wall Stickers on Textured Walls.

3 - DRYING VS CURING - There is a crucial difference here. Your paint may be dry to the touch but that doesn't mean it has cured (hardened all the way through). Curing can take several days or longer, depending on your paint and on the dampness or coolness of the weather, but you can usually plan for at least 2 weeks. Check your paint can label or contact us at Wall Decor Plus More and we'll try to help you. The stronger the new paint smell, the longer it will take to cure before you can apply wall stickers. The smell likely comes from the compounds and gases in the paint which can break down the adhesive on the wall stickers, so they won't stick well or will fall off a short time after application.
Laundry Room Drop Your Drawers

4 - MOISTURE & WALL STICKERS - Now wait, this doesn't mean wall stickers won't work in your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. They will! It's ongoing moisture behind your sheetrock that may play havoc with your wall stickers. Examples: walls that back up to cooling systems, water pipes, overhead windows or windows that have been boarded up–these areas are prone to condensation, which may not be obvious when you apply your wall stickers. Check out our post with special tips on applying vinyl wall stickers to moisture-prone areas. Click Will Vinyl Wall Stickers "Stay Stuck" on My Bathroom Wall?.

Let our experience and tips guide you to easy and effective wall sticker application!