Decorating with Wall Decals

Decorating with Wall Decals
Add a Unique Personality to your Home Decor today!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

"Construct" the Perfect Boy's Bedroom with Truck Wall Stickers

A construction theme is perfect for that boy who just loves trucks! At Wall Decor Plus More we have lots of vinyl wall stickers to help you "construct" the perfect little boy's bedroom.

Here's a cool set of truck wall stickers we've added to the Boy's Wall Decor page. You can buy the 3 trucks shown above as a 24" x 6" set for $18.32–just the right size for above a dresser. Plus, it's a 3-color set and you get to choose the 3 colors!

At Wall Decor Plus More we know what boys like. Those trucks pictured above can also be ordered individually in larger sizes–the biggest vinyl truck stickers are up to 2 feet wide!

And here's a quote for boys that even SLEEP thinking of trucks!

Vinyl wall stickers are so easy to use, just peel them off and stick them on. Motor on over to our Boys Wall Decor page and choose your truck stickers today!


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Wall Stickers Are the Perfect Fix for Dull Dorm Rooms dorm room is just waiting for you to add your personal touch to brighten up your new living/study space. Wall Decor Plus More can help with our huge array of vinyl wall stickers. And remember, our stickers come in LOTS of colors.                            

Adventure certainly does await as you enter college and start a whole new chapter in life. Inspire yourself with either of these inspirational wall stickers in a color to match your unique decor. Or, choose from scads of other inspirational and fun wall stickers available here: Inspirational Wall Quotes.                               

You'll enjoy decorating with our bright geometric shapes–think triangles, zebra stripe stars, circles, dots, squiggles, stripes, and lots more. There are loads of colors and designs to help you transform your new space. Just click onto Zebra Dots and Hearts or Circle Rings and Dots to pick your favorite wall stickers or shapes from our huge selection.

Living off-campus now? Wall stickers are still a great choice. They're easy to apply and to remove–just follow our directions and you'll have no worries about wall damage or lost deposits!

Fix up that dull dorm room with wall stickers and accept our best wishes for success at college and beyond!


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Five DIY Projects with Vinyl Wall Stickers

Why limit your  vinyl wall stickers to walls? These five surfaces are just begging for a vinyl wall sticker and your creativity!

Below we help you explore five new projects with vinyl wall stickers, and we've included a link to a "how-to" post for each one. Get ready to get creative! CANVAS. The artist kind that you can paint pictures on. Just purchase a blank artist canvas, paint it with shiny/glossy paint in the color(s) of your choice, and apply your wall sticker. If the vinyl wall sticker comes loose, a layer of Mod-Podge over your painted surface is the perfect remedy.   Click Here

2. TILE. Using a wall sticker on tile results in a great, personalized gift for any occasion. There are so many sizes and colors available. Another plus: these are portable.   Click Here 3. FURNITURE. Use our vinyl wall stickers to give your furniture the look of a custom paint job. Try geometric shapes, or add a favorite quote to the framework or a drawer. GLASS. As in photo frames or old windows. This unique use of vinyl wall stickers will give your walls an interesting 3-dimensional look. Click Here

5. BOARDS/WOOD. Left-over scraps of wood are perfect for this project. Just paint the wood and apply your favorite quote wall sticker. You've just made your own unique portable wall art!   Click Here

Create some unique projects with our vinyl wall stickers and your imagination!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Measure Your Child's Growth with Wall Decals

It's such fun to decorate a child's room. A perfect addition is a Growth Chart wall sticker that will be functional AND enhance your theme.

Wall Decor Plus More has a big selection of Growth Chart wall decals. Simply Click Here to choose one for your child's room, or you could even feature them in the family or toy room.

Sports is a fun theme for boys' rooms and our 
Football Growth Chart
measures 11" W by 42" T.
It is available in 45+ fun colors to match any wall decor.

Pictured above are two of our fun Growth Charts:
the Princess Growth Chart and the Space Growth Chart.
Check out the special age markers shown below. The Space Chart has cool "Star" age markers.

The Princess Chart has fun "Shoe" age markers.
Click here for more "girlie" room ideas:  Transform Her Nursery into a Big Girl's Room
You can personalize several of the Growth Chart Wall Stickers with the child's name. And there are loads of colors to match up with the theme and colors in your child's room. The Monkey Growth Chart to the left was custom ordered to be personalized with 2 names.

Think about a Growth Chart Wall Sticker if you need a unique and original gift for a new baby or a young child.

Get more fun ideas for kids' rooms here: Kids and Wall Stickers - Let the Fun Begin! and here: Kids' Rooms – Just for Fun!

Browse all our Growth Chart Wall Stickers HERE and order your favorite today. Our simple application directions will have you ready to measure in no time!


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

In Honor, In Memory, In Sympathy Wall Decals Day, Veterans' Day, and other more personal days are set aside for us to honor the passing of our loved ones. At we now offer a way to pay tribute to your loved ones, whether to give as a gift or to create for your own family.

We invite you to visit our new Memorial Sticker page. It features many vinyl wall quotes that make an appropriate and meaningful sympathy gift for you or for your family.

Below we list a few of the many ways to use these sympathy and memorial quote wall stickers to preserve family memories of loved ones now gone.
  • Sympathy wall decal stickers can be applied to a wall as part of a photo display of the deceased's family, or as part of a grouping of photos of the loved one who has passed away.
  • As part of a memorial display, memorial wall stickers can also be applied to a wall tile. In choosing a sticker for use on a tile, look for memorial sticker designs that are 12x12 size to fit most tiles.

As you create your own personal memorial, please visit our new Memorial Sticker page today and see how we can help you make a lasting tribute to those who will live in your heart forever.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Affordable DIY Home Decor Ideas Using Decals
Not all of us can afford to toss everything out and start over! What are some affordable home decor options that won't fight with your budget?

Let's start with the basics of home decor and create from there, as your budget allows. But first, be sure to read through these tips so you don't start too many projects at once. (Been there!)

Giving a room a fresh paint color can make such a change, you might not need to overhaul the whole place after all. For best results, check out our DIY tips on painting like a pro. those walls are sporting a new color, add a piece of art that you love, or select a wall sticker that ties in with the room's theme. Vinyl wall decals are simple to apply, no tools needed. Just measure the space, pick your color, and order! Wall Decor Plus More has an array of wall stickers, from kitchen quotes to children's room decor.

No wiggle room in the budget for new furniture this year? Try a slipcover! has some great ones at reasonable prices. Bed Bath & Beyond and Walmart are two other sources. Or brighten up that dull sofa with a colorful throw pillow. If you're handy, you can recover an old one yourself–an economical way to get a new, custom look. Get creative!

Look around on Pinterest for lots of budget-minded decorating ideas. It's full of inspirational projects, from DIY coffee tables to restyling curtains. Pinterest also features fun new ways to hang pictures, make your own kitchen shelves, or design a headboard. Check out Wall Decor Plus More on Pinterest as well!

Add a lush green plant or set out a colorful pot or bouquet of flowers to brighten up your space. And be sure you have some space to work with–clearing out clutter will give you the clean slate you need to begin creating a new look. In fact, decluttering might even add to your piggy bank–your budget will love that!

Happy decorating!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Create Your Family Tree with Wall Stickers

It's no surprise that the tree is such a powerful metaphor for our families. We all come from somewhere, related to others from our own family tree.

Trees change through the seasons of life, just like our families do. The barren branches of winter give way to plump spring buds, which open into the full leaves of summer. Then autumn arrives and trees give one last splendid show of color before retreating into the dormancy of winter. It's the circle of life. are three options from Wall Decor Plus More to help you bring the beauty of the family tree into your home:

Our first option is the popular wall sticker called Family Branches. It features a beautiful quote and works well on its own; or display it with a family photo or a collection of photos.

The next choice we offer allows you to create an actual tree in your room with wall stickers. The Single tree wall sticker has an empty spot in the center that's perfect for a 16x20 wedding or family photo – or for a clock, to bring in the element of time. The branches come as individual pieces so you can place them around the photo or clock in any design you choose.
The first image below shows how the pieces of the Single Tree Wall Sticker will arrive in the package. The second image is an example of how you can lay it out on your wall. Be sure to allow plenty of space for this tree wall decal, it's 76 inches tall by 58 inches wide!

Below is another option from Wall Decor Plus More. This is a smaller family tree wall sticker that has more branches, which also come separate from the tree trunk so you can lay them out any way you want. Here, picture frames can be placed at the outside edges of the branches, an attractive way to display family photos. And so affordable–this wall sticker is priced at just $20.06! The size is about 36 inches tall by 24 inches wide, depending on how you arrange the branches and the trunk. Be sure to leave space for the photos!
We're sure the family tree you create with wall stickers will bring joy to your family for years to come.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Gift Ideas Personalized with Vinyl Decals & Stickers

There are so many gift-giving opportunities in May, June, and even through the summer. I'm thinking of graduations, confirmations, weddings, anniversaries, the usual birthdays, plus Mother's DayFather's Day and family reunions. Maybe even a hostess gift if you spend time visiting friends or family on vacation.

Below we offer some thoughtful personalized gift ideas using vinyl stickers and decals. DIY gifts can also be easier on your budget. The ideas below will surely inspire some great gift ideas of your own too.
Sure to please for a wedding or anniversary, a set of lovely wine glasses or coffee mugs can be personalized with a vinyl monogram. For any application that needs to stand up to getting wet, we offer a set of monogram and name vinyl decals  HERE for ONLY $6.05. This vinyl decal is made with glossy outdoor-grade vinyl material and a stronger adhesive than regular wall stickers to withstand regular use and hand washing.
Tests of our glossy decals on various containers after a year of moderate use proved they were still stuck down well. We recommend hand-washing (although one family member puts hers in the dishwasher–just let the decals cool before using because the heat will soften the decal and temporarily loosen the adhesive).
How about a vinyl sticker for the mailbox or front entry door? This makes for a distinctive anniversary or wedding gift. Order a custom monogram or personalized name or house number.

Photos make wonderful gifts for lots of occasions. A vinyl sticker can be placed on the glass of a photo framing a family reunion, a wedding or anniversary, or a graduation picture. Choose a personalized saying, a pre-made quote, or order a custom monogram. Is there a new photo being added to a family photo wall? Select a vinyl wall sticker with a special saying to tie all the photos together. We have a great selection of pre-made and custom vinyl wall stickers.

Just click on for more Personalized Stickers. And happy gift giving!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Don't Hesitate, You CAN Use Wall Stickers on Textured Walls

Will vinyl wall stickers work on your textured walls? Good question! We at Wall Decor Plus More decided to do our very own test. By using our products on real wall surfaces, just like you do, we can help nearly everyone successfully use our vinyl wall stickers to give their home decor a unique touch.

Based on our tests, here are some tips and how-to's that will help you successfully use our vinyl wall stickers on your rough or textured walls:

1. When choosing a wall sticker for rougher walls, select one that has a bolder, plainer font rather than thin cursive letters. You could probably get by with some script lettering if your walls aren't quite as rough as the ones in these pictures, but generally it's easier to apply the bold, plain fonts on a textured wall surface. The thicker letters have more material to stick onto the wall, so they adhere better.

2. Work slowly and carefully. With patience you CAN get the vinyl wall sticker applied well. It can be tricky to get the top tape layer off of the lettering. On a rough wall surface, the stickers won't adhere perfectly. So if a letter gets moved, you might need to place it by hand; another reason why plain lettering works better than fine, connected lettering.

3. Once you get the tape removed, rub the wall sticker down firmly with your fingers. This will make the wall sticker "remember" its placement and eventually it will stay adhered in place.

The photos in this post were taken two weeks after the vinyl wall sticker was applied to the  textured wall surface. We wanted to be sure that the sticker STAYED STUCK on the textured wall–and it did! We're confident you'll enjoy the same success with our vinyl wall stickers.

Now you're ready to click on to choose your favorite from our huge selection of wall stickers and wall quotes. If you have any questions about choosing the best sticker for your textured wall, just contact us, we're here to help. Simply use the "Contact Us" form on our website.

So no need to hesitate just because you have a textured wall. You can still give your home decor that unique touch with a vinyl wall sticker or wall quote. Go to our website and choose your favorite today.


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Will Vinyl Wall Stickers "Stay Stuck" on My Bathroom Wall? sure will, just follow our tips below!

Bathrooms are often high in moisture, so it's logical to ask if that will affect the "stickability" of Wall Stickers. Keep reading and you'll feel confident about using Wall Stickers to brighten up your hard-working bathroom.

First and most important: make certain the wall surface in your bathroom is CLEAN and DRY at the time of application. That's when the bonding happens. Once you have a solid bond, your Wall Sticker is ready to stay put until you are ready to change it out for a new one. Let your imagination soar–apply Wall Stickers around/above your shower/tub area or anywhere else in your bathroom.
Many bathroom walls are also textured. Because of that, some spots did get a little rough, but its not a big deal.Just simply smooth down the part of the Wall Sticker as needed to help it "remember" where it was supposed to be.

We offer scads of Wall Sticker choices for your bathroom. There are geometric shapes (bubbles, anyone?), pictures, and sayings or quotes suitable for a bathroom. Many of our Wall Stickers come in different sizes too. We know you'll have no trouble finding the perfect Wall Sticker to transform your bathroom!


Monday, July 17, 2017

Kids and Wall Stickers - Let the Fun Begin!

Is it obvious? We at Wall Decor Plus More have a few kids ourselves =)! We're excited about our newly-released wall sticker quotes for/about kids, adding to our big selection of picture and quote wall stickers. These are just right for a kids' room or family room or somewhere else in your home (bathroom?!)

Perfect for a little farm boy's room (or for any little guy who likes tractors), the vinyl wall sticker shown above is lime green, affixed to a blue wall. We have lots of colors to choose from, and two sizes. Available on our Growth Chart Decals page.

Here's a wall sticker with a quote that every mother can relate to! The baby quote  is a great addition to a nursery room or mounted near family photos. This vinyl wall decal is also available on our Children's Wall Sayings page and available in 2 sizes 23x18 -Inch or 30x23-Inch.

Take a break and look through our big selection of quotes and sayings that pertain to kids and families. You're sure to find one perfect for your wall!
Besides quotes, we also offer a fun selection of circles or bubbles, stripes, "splotches" of color, and posies, that your kids will enjoy seeing in their world. We also have animals, sports, cars, and other wall decals for things kids like such as building bricks or music. They all come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Let the fun begin when you bring your kids' lively spirits right onto the walls of your home with the perfect wall stickers!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Liven Up Your Wall Decor with Geometric Wall Decal Patterns!

Think "geometric patterns" for a new take on wall decor! With vinyl stickers you can create a pattern that is classic and timeless – or wild and whimsical. Use our geometric wall stickers in a simple arrangement, or set up your pattern to frame other wall art. Wall Decor Plus More now offers Teardrop Wall Sticker Shapes. Our wall decor stickers also come in other shapes like stripes, circles, and dots. Unleash your creativity!

In the photo above, vinyl stickers form a simple wall border. They are so versatile, you can customize your wall decor pattern however you like. These decals are easier to apply (and to remove!) than a wallpaper border. You can also use the Teardrop Shapes as a stencil when you paint.

Two sizes are available in the Teardrop Shape wall decals – those shown here are from the smaller 18-piece package. The larger ones would be perfect for decorating an entire wall.

Teardrop Wall Sticker Shapes are simple to use. Just peel off the backing and stick the vinyl decal to your wall – it really is that easy to create your own unique room decor.

Another plus – Teardrop Wall Sticker Shapes are fairly forgiving about alignment. If the vinyl stickers aren't spaced exactly, or aren't perfectly level, you hardly notice it!

In the photo below, the teardrop vinyl wall decals are combined with the stripe decals to form a wall border that showcases a personalized wall sticker. What a distinguished entryway!

So think geometric as you create your own wall decor with our geometric-shaped wall decals – and be sure to check out our other wall stickers too!


Monday, June 12, 2017

It's Easy to Remove Vinyl Wall Stickers and Decals

Wall Decals are Easy to Remove
Time for a change on your walls? Are you wondering about how to remove vinyl wall stickers in your home decor? We have good news–they're as easy to remove as they are to apply! Let us show you just how easy the process is.

As you can see in the photos below, no paint is taken off the wall or even stuck to the back of the wall sticker itself during removal. This is usually how easy it is. However, do be aware that there are a couple of factors that figure into the ease of removal of a vinyl wall sticker or decal.

Wall paint not only needs to dry, it needs time to "cure." What does this mean? Well, paint goes through a two-stage process: in the first stage, the paint "dries" when the solvents and thinners evaporate from the paint on the wall; in the second stage, the paint "cures" when it hardens into a solid film. This can take up to two weeks, or longer if it's very humid in the room, or during wet or humid weather. If a vinyl wall sticker is applied before the paint has fully cured, there may be some paint loss when you eventually remove that decal.

You can use a hair blow dryer to remove wall stickers. The heat softens the sticker's adhesive, making it easier to peel off. CAUTION: heat from the hair blow dryer can be HOT on your fingers too, so be careful with this, especially if children are helping you.

In the photo below, the new border we applied in our entryway is being removed, with the help of eager little hands. Be sure to read the caution below the photo, to limit which wall decals you want removed–and when!

CAUTION: Only show children how to remove your decals... IF they are old enough to know which stickers you want removed and which ones should stay up!
We welcome any questions you might have about removing vinyl wall stickers, but we're sure you'll truly find the whole process fast and easy!


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Patriotic Fun with Star Stickers holidays and summer festivities are fun opportunities to decorate with Star Vinyl Wall Stickers. They make it easy to ... jazz up your bike or car for the parade ... individualize your serving bowls at summer picnics ... decorate your door or window for summer ... apply to art or craft supply boxes ... decorate bean bag game boards ... give antique cream cans a pop of color ... you're only limited by your imagination.

Wall Decor Plus More has a great Star Vinyl Wall Stickers page. These 2 inch star stickers are available in scads of fun colors to go with any decor. Warm Grey, Red, and Traffic Blue colors are pictured above and below. Use just one color for impact, or mix them up to create your own unique design.

You can buy a set of 30 Star Vinyl Wall Stickers for ONLY $7.15. What a decor bargain!

These 2 inch star stickers are made of our indoor matte vinyl, so they won't harm your walls or other home surfaces. You can place these Star Vinyl Wall Stickers almost anywhere.

And they're so EASY to use–just peel them off the backing paper and stick them on. Kids really love these so let them help out with your project or give them a wall space and let them go at it!

Want more variety? Our 2 inch wall stickers are also available as hearts, dots, daisies, triangles, and arrows

Have fun with these Star Vinyl Wall Stickers. Check out our page and order yours today!


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Make Over Your Laundry Room

Is your Laundry Room crying out for a makeover? Has it become a catch-all you try to avoid? Time for a makeover! After all, the Laundry Room is where a lot of the "clean" happens for your family–let's make it attractive and functional. Tackle it as a Do it yourself project–it's fairly easy.

To start, figure out how you want the room to function: is it also a mudroom? a second bathroom? a sewing space? Decide exactly how you want it to look and where you want things to go. 

Next up: cleaning. Remove everything that will no longer live there. Sweep and mop the floor, wipe down shelves, scrub cabinets and appliances in and out, and clean your sink. (Don't forget to check lint traps, they can be a fire hazard.) Wash any windows and curtains. Now you're ready for decor–the fun part! 

Paint can be a big part of your Laundry Room makeover. Revamp with color! Choose a cheerful wall color that you find energizing.

Now let's reorganize! Get rid of the supplies you no longer use. Be sure there are handy shelves, rolling carts or cabinets for storage. You'll also need a place to fold clothes: a counter top (a drop-down one if space is tight) or a rolling cart with a counter on it. You'll need a sorting cart to separate colors and whites. Hooks or hanging bars and hangers can be used for drip-dry items and will save on ironing if you hang things up right out of the dryer. Use a fun patterned fabric to cover unsightly things like pipes under the sink. starts and ends in other rooms–mostly in bedrooms and kitchens. Choose different colored hampers, clothes baskets and hangers for each member of the family to make putting away clean laundry so much easier!

If your budget is big, bring in new machines! Or add a creative backsplash to brighten up the wall. Is your Laundry Room  tiny? Use curtains instead of doors with curtain rings that slide easily to improve function and color.  

At last–time to decorate! Check out the Wall stickers from Wall Decor Plus More, especially the Laundry Room sayings. There are lots of choices! Pick the one that makes you smile. Or add stripe or polka dot vinyl wall decals to create patterns that will liven up the space. Vinyl stickers are so easy to apply and remove–plus they won't harm your new paint. 

Whether you do laundry twice a day or every two weeks, a Laundry Room Makeover will make this chore a lot more pleasant. Get ready to smile!


Saturday, May 27, 2017

Add Custom Charm with Mailbox Decals!
Your mailbox provides the first welcome to your home. What story does it tell? Is it dirty and dull? Is your house number hard to read?  Let's spruce it up with mailbox decals. Choose one of ours to add some custom charm. And to make sure your mail and your guests make it to the right place!

Check out our simple designs, or add creative flair with a floral monogram or a unique frame around your custom house number. If you live in an apartment, you can apply these vinyl decals right to your door–no paint damage to worry about either. Browse through the many designs of mailbox decals we offer.

Make it personal–choose an outdoor custom vinyl decal featuring our stick people to personalize it to your family. Friends and visitors will smile for sure!

Put the focus on your front door with custom mailbox lettering that features just your house number. Your address will be memorable and visible for delivery people and visitors. your decorative mailbox decal from many colors including black, white, pink, yellow, green, and more! And, all of our mailbox decals are made with outdoor vinyl. The stronger adhesive used will last up to ten years.

With some flowers or greenery tucked around your mailbox, your mailbox will make a charming welcome.

Monday, May 15, 2017

4 Quality Purchase Points About Wall Stickers

We thought it might be helpful to clear up some of the confusion about types of walls stickers and how to choose a quality product. customers contact us with questions or problems using their wall stickers, especially those bought from competitors. After visiting with these customers, we knew the product they were struggling with was not ours, but we still wanted to help. Some of the problems included:

• trying to remove a sticker that was pulling off the paint (see #2 and #3 below);

• being unsure how to apply a sticker printed on sticky plastic instead of being die-cut (see #4)

Four indicators of quality to help you purchase your wall sticker:

1. Read the application instructions before you purchase. This will clue you in to how well the product is made. If the manufacturer is sending you a film to apply to the sticker, that's a big red flag–a reputable wall sticker manufacturer has already applied this transfer film to the wall sticker. If you have to add this yourself and don't have a lot of experience, you may get wrinkles, crooked lettering, etc., making a quality wall sticker application nearly impossible. We often see this type of problem on wall stickers from China and Hong Kong.

2. Determine that the material is designed for Home Décor use. Vinyl stickers for signage use existed a long time before Home Décor wall stickers became popular. Those for signs need super strong adhesive to withstand outdoor elements–PLUS they need to be glossy to attract attention. Neither Glossy nor Strong Adhesive types are good for Home Décor use.

3. Choose Matte finish for the best Home Décor use. The non-shiny look of a Matte finish wall sticker allows it to look like a custom paint application. All high-quality wall stickers have this Matte finish.

Comparing Die Cut Decals to Cheap Printed Stickers4. Find out if the item is a Die-cut Decal; you don't want an image printed on sticky plastic. This is extremely important! A die-cut decal has no background permanently attached to it or surrounding it (ie. no sticky clear plastic), just the die-cut lettering/design itself that will go right on the wall. Some cheap wall decals are not actually decals–they are just a design printed on sticky plastic material, which does not adhere well to anything except smooth surfaces. Plus, the clear plastic looks tacky on your wall.

When you purchase from, you can trust the quality of the vinyl wall decals we offer–they are designed especially for use on the walls of your home, or on other surfaces such as glass, etc. Our descriptions and usage recommendations are informative, and we are always here to answer questions. Let us help you choose the product that will result in the quality image you desire.

Purchase from for High-Quality Wall Stickers for Home Décor use.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Stickers for Graduation–Personalization is FREE!

No extra charge for personalization on this graduation wall sticker. Makes a great gift for the graduate, and a party decoration as well! At we offer several vinyl decals with a graduation theme, including some (like the one below) that can be personalized, whether your special student is graduating from college or high school - or even kindergarten!

The personalized graduation sticker shown above gives you an idea of what can be done. This one is a combination of personalization and our Subway Art sticker. The personalization is FREE on this sticker and includes Name, Class Year, and School Initials.

This wall sticker can be applied to any smooth or semi-smooth surface. The one above is applied to a tile, the kind you can find at most Home Improvement stores for $1-$2. Portability makes it easy to take along for the graduate on the move. They can hang it on a wall or lean it up in a bookcase or on a desk.

Browse through our other graduation stickers for use at the big celebration. Apply them to walls, to a glass block, to vases, to a framed photo of the graduate - there are countless ways to acknowledge your graduate for this fine achievement.

To order your graduation wall stickers today, simply click onto:

And congratulations, graduates!


Saturday, May 6, 2017

Tips to Help You Paint Like a Pro

You can easily change the look of a room in a single day with a fresh coat of pain in an existing or new color. Painting your walls is the single most dramatic way to refresh the interior of your home and make it warm and welcoming. Paint color is one of the base layers of home decor and is best done before updating furniture and accessories. Let's get started!

The keys to a successful paint job are planning and preparationIt doesn't have to be difficult. Let's assume you've chosen your color and, with the help of your local paint or hardware store, bought the correct paint finish for your project (flat, satin, eggshell, high gloss, enamel). Don't be afraid to ask those trained paint experts for help.

The tips below will help you paint like a pro, with amazing results.

Gather Tools and Supplies

These might vary from job to job, and will depend on what you have on hand, but the basics remain the same.
  • Rollers, roller covers with the correct nap for your wall texture, and an extension pole
  • 1"- 2" brush for cutting in and small spaces - angled brushes work best
  • Paint tray and liners
  • Drop cloths and rags
  • Painter's tape (the blue tape)
  • Spackle paste and a putty knife to fill holes

Prep the Room

This step will protect furniture and floors, plus the finished product will look better and last longer.
  • Remove drapes, small furniture, wall hangings, etc.  
  • Remove switch plates and hardware, if possible
  • Use masking tape or plastic to cover anything you can't remove 
  • Small items (like screws) can be covered with vaseline or chapstick (easy to wipe off later)
  • Move larger furniture items to the center of the room and cover with a drop cloth 
  • Tape off woodwork and make sure plastic dropcloths are taped down securely
  • Clean surfaces as needed (wipe off dust and remove loose items or particles) 
  • Spackle holes as needed and let dry per directions on container

Paint the Room  

Usually, painting starts with "cutting in" (painting the edges about 2" deep). Then do the ceiling next (if you are painting it), then the walls, and finally the woodwork.
  • If you have a steady hand while using a stiff 2" brush, you can skip the tape for cutting in; but be sure to have a damp cloth available for quick wipe-ups
  • Use short back-and-forth strokes to apply paint, but always finish with long, smooth strokes 
  • Dip your brush about halfway into the paint to avoid glopping up the brush and ruining it
  • When using a roller, work in 3 foot sections at a time, rolling a "W" on the wall, then filling in
  • Almost any color looks better with a second coat, even if the can says one-coat coverage 
  • Make sure the paint is dry before applying the second coat
  • Here's a great video with more details on painting a room:

    Click on this link for more tips on painting:
  • 47 Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Paint Job


This may be the least fun part, but once you've put everything back in the room, you can enjoy the results!

Do let a newly painted room dry or cure for at least 2 weeks before applying any Wall Stickers. Wall decals are great for adding "art" to any room, and they come in 30 different colors. When it's time to change them, wall stickers are easy to remove and won't ruin your wonderful new paint job!


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Personalize Your Wedding Day with Wall Decals!

Love is in season all year around. Is now the time to plan your wedding? If you are taking the big step soon, our wall stickers at Wall Decor Plus More can make things easier. Check out our great wedding category on our website! Browse through pages of lovely monograms, signs, and sayings (many can be personalized). You're sure to find some just right for your own wedding, or for a special wedding gift.

Brides, it is such an exciting time for you, and we want to help! Use our vinyl stickers to make banners, signs or even car decals. Do you need a Thank You sign, a Just Married banner, or maybe a road sign? We offer lots of choices, plus names and dates can be personalizedCustom design it all with us! Select from an array of fonts and colors to make it totally yours!

To start, decide which signs you want and what your decals need to say. We'll send you a preview of the wall stickers before we cut anything to be sure your big day is perfect in every way!

We also make it easy to have a personalized "Just Married" banner for the getaway car. This wall sticker is so versatile! You can apply it to a poster board or to the back window of the getaway car. Our indoor vinyl makes it easy to remove too!

You needn't make your monogram signs by hand. We can help! Imagine all the ways you can use our monogram decals at your wedding–add them to table number signs, table tents, seating cards, goodie bags, centerpieces, wine glasses, or even the dance floor!

We can help you add those meaningful little touches to your special day. Wall stickers will last as long as the festivities do! Don't forget, our wall decals are a wonderful way to personalize your new home too! Enjoy your wedding planning and be sure to check out our website for lots more wedding ideas. Congratulations!


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Summer Decor ... All About Beaches & Water

It's time to get ready to welcome Summer, with its breezes and beaches and poolside fun. Turn your summer getaway–or your year-round home!– into a vacation destination with summer-themed wall decals. Here are just a few ideas to get you inspired. For that nautical theme, anchors make perfect hooks for all those wet beach towels. Makes it easy for the kids to actually hang up their towels too. They'll be dry and ready for your next seaside, lakeside or poolside adventure.

2. Summer housekeeping will be a breeze with washable and removable linen slipcovers for your sofa and chairs. Add some lively sailor-inspired pillows for lounging around and let your nautical adventure begin.

3. Do the kids' rooms need a summer makeover? Try a pirate/nautical decor scheme. Wall Decor Plus More has some really cool wall decals that will easily turn that plain room into a setting for adventure. A-hoy matey! Be sure to add the Nautical Grow Chart to measure how quickly your little pirates are growing up.

4. For many of us, summer means guests! Spruce up your guest room decor with some of the great options shown here!

5. Maybe you're ready to give your whole house a new look for the summer. Try using the soft colors of sand and sea, sun and waves. Those gently-washed greens, blues, beiges and pale yellows will turn your home into a beachy retreat. Leave your cares and your shoes at the door!

I hope these suggestions fire up your imagination as you restyle your home for the upcoming summer. Make this your most creative and relaxing summer yet!

Bonus finds!
One amazing nautical addition I saw was a rope banister.

There are lots of ideas on Pinterest ! Go there for more inspiration.