Decorating with Wall Decals

Decorating with Wall Decals
Add a Unique Personality to your Home Decor today!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

In Honor, In Memory, In Sympathy Wall Decals Day, Veterans' Day, and other more personal days are set aside for us to honor the passing of our loved ones. At we now offer a way to pay tribute to your loved ones, whether to give as a gift or to create for your own family.

We invite you to visit our new Memorial Sticker page. It features many vinyl wall quotes that make an appropriate and meaningful sympathy gift for you or for your family.

Below we list a few of the many ways to use these sympathy and memorial quote wall stickers to preserve family memories of loved ones now gone.
  • Sympathy wall decal stickers can be applied to a wall as part of a photo display of the deceased's family, or as part of a grouping of photos of the loved one who has passed away.
  • As part of a memorial display, memorial wall stickers can also be applied to a wall tile. In choosing a sticker for use on a tile, look for memorial sticker designs that are 12x12 size to fit most tiles.

As you create your own personal memorial, please visit our new Memorial Sticker page today and see how we can help you make a lasting tribute to those who will live in your heart forever.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Affordable DIY Home Decor Ideas Using Decals
Not all of us can afford to toss everything out and start over! What are some affordable home decor options that won't fight with your budget?

Let's start with the basics of home decor and create from there, as your budget allows. But first, be sure to read through these tips so you don't start too many projects at once. (Been there!)

Giving a room a fresh paint color can make such a change, you might not need to overhaul the whole place after all. For best results, check out our DIY tips on painting like a pro. those walls are sporting a new color, add a piece of art that you love, or select a wall sticker that ties in with the room's theme. Vinyl wall decals are simple to apply, no tools needed. Just measure the space, pick your color, and order! Wall Decor Plus More has an array of wall stickers, from kitchen quotes to children's room decor.

No wiggle room in the budget for new furniture this year? Try a slipcover! has some great ones at reasonable prices. Bed Bath & Beyond and Walmart are two other sources. Or brighten up that dull sofa with a colorful throw pillow. If you're handy, you can recover an old one yourself–an economical way to get a new, custom look. Get creative!

Look around on Pinterest for lots of budget-minded decorating ideas. It's full of inspirational projects, from DIY coffee tables to restyling curtains. Pinterest also features fun new ways to hang pictures, make your own kitchen shelves, or design a headboard. Check out Wall Decor Plus More on Pinterest as well!

Add a lush green plant or set out a colorful pot or bouquet of flowers to brighten up your space. And be sure you have some space to work with–clearing out clutter will give you the clean slate you need to begin creating a new look. In fact, decluttering might even add to your piggy bank–your budget will love that!

Happy decorating!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Create Your Family Tree with Wall Stickers

It's no surprise that the tree is such a powerful metaphor for our families. We all come from somewhere, related to others from our own family tree.

Trees change through the seasons of life, just like our families do. The barren branches of winter give way to plump spring buds, which open into the full leaves of summer. Then autumn arrives and trees give one last splendid show of color before retreating into the dormancy of winter. It's the circle of life. are three options from Wall Decor Plus More to help you bring the beauty of the family tree into your home:

Our first option is the popular wall sticker called Family Branches. It features a beautiful quote and works well on its own; or display it with a family photo or a collection of photos.

The next choice we offer allows you to create an actual tree in your room with wall stickers. The Single tree wall sticker has an empty spot in the center that's perfect for a 16x20 wedding or family photo – or for a clock, to bring in the element of time. The branches come as individual pieces so you can place them around the photo or clock in any design you choose.
The first image below shows how the pieces of the Single Tree Wall Sticker will arrive in the package. The second image is an example of how you can lay it out on your wall. Be sure to allow plenty of space for this tree wall decal, it's 76 inches tall by 58 inches wide!

Below is another option from Wall Decor Plus More. This is a smaller family tree wall sticker that has more branches, which also come separate from the tree trunk so you can lay them out any way you want. Here, picture frames can be placed at the outside edges of the branches, an attractive way to display family photos. And so affordable–this wall sticker is priced at just $20.06! The size is about 36 inches tall by 24 inches wide, depending on how you arrange the branches and the trunk. Be sure to leave space for the photos!
We're sure the family tree you create with wall stickers will bring joy to your family for years to come.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Gift Ideas Personalized with Vinyl Decals & Stickers

There are so many gift-giving opportunities in May, June, and even through the summer. I'm thinking of graduations, confirmations, weddings, anniversaries, the usual birthdays, plus Mother's DayFather's Day and family reunions. Maybe even a hostess gift if you spend time visiting friends or family on vacation.

Below we offer some thoughtful personalized gift ideas using vinyl stickers and decals. DIY gifts can also be easier on your budget. The ideas below will surely inspire some great gift ideas of your own too.
Sure to please for a wedding or anniversary, a set of lovely wine glasses or coffee mugs can be personalized with a vinyl monogram. For any application that needs to stand up to getting wet, we offer a set of monogram and name vinyl decals  HERE for ONLY $6.05. This vinyl decal is made with glossy outdoor-grade vinyl material and a stronger adhesive than regular wall stickers to withstand regular use and hand washing.
Tests of our glossy decals on various containers after a year of moderate use proved they were still stuck down well. We recommend hand-washing (although one family member puts hers in the dishwasher–just let the decals cool before using because the heat will soften the decal and temporarily loosen the adhesive).
How about a vinyl sticker for the mailbox or front entry door? This makes for a distinctive anniversary or wedding gift. Order a custom monogram or personalized name or house number.

Photos make wonderful gifts for lots of occasions. A vinyl sticker can be placed on the glass of a photo framing a family reunion, a wedding or anniversary, or a graduation picture. Choose a personalized saying, a pre-made quote, or order a custom monogram. Is there a new photo being added to a family photo wall? Select a vinyl wall sticker with a special saying to tie all the photos together. We have a great selection of pre-made and custom vinyl wall stickers.

Just click on for more Personalized Stickers. And happy gift giving!