Decorating with Wall Decals

Decorating with Wall Decals
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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Expert Tips on Best Paint Finishes for Wall Stickers

Got a redecorating project in mind that will utilize wall stickers? Wonderful!

Here are some tips about the best paint finishes and wall surfaces to help make your project as successful as possible.

1 - PAINT FINISHES - They do make a difference! Satin or glossy paint makes for a good finish to apply wall stickers. Enamel is even better because it is the least porous. Flat finish is too porous for wall stickers to adhere to, and zero VOC paint doesn't work well either. Click on this post for more tips and information on painting: Tips to Help You Paint Like a Pro 

Wall Decal on Textured Wall
2 - TEXTURE VS SHINE - Shiny paint (satin, gloss, enamel) is a better choice, even if your wall has some texture, than flat paint even on a smooth wall without texture. Our special post about working with texture can be found at Don't Hesitate, You CAN Use Wall Stickers on Textured Walls.

3 - DRYING VS CURING - There is a crucial difference here. Your paint may be dry to the touch but that doesn't mean it has cured (hardened all the way through). Curing can take several days or longer, depending on your paint and on the dampness or coolness of the weather, but you can usually plan for at least 2 weeks. Check your paint can label or contact us at Wall Decor Plus More and we'll try to help you. The stronger the new paint smell, the longer it will take to cure before you can apply wall stickers. The smell likely comes from the compounds and gases in the paint which can break down the adhesive on the wall stickers, so they won't stick well or will fall off a short time after application.
Laundry Room Drop Your Drawers

4 - MOISTURE & WALL STICKERS - Now wait, this doesn't mean wall stickers won't work in your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. They will! It's ongoing moisture behind your sheetrock that may play havoc with your wall stickers. Examples: walls that back up to cooling systems, water pipes, overhead windows or windows that have been boarded up–these areas are prone to condensation, which may not be obvious when you apply your wall stickers. Check out our post with special tips on applying vinyl wall stickers to moisture-prone areas. Click Will Vinyl Wall Stickers "Stay Stuck" on My Bathroom Wall?.

Let our experience and tips guide you to easy and effective wall sticker application!