Decorating with Wall Decals

Decorating with Wall Decals
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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Make a DIY Toy Stove for Your Little Chef's a great DIY gift idea for your favorite kid: a cute little toy stove. Your child will have hours of fun "cooking," then surprising you with his or her creations. Get your fork ready!

All you need is:
  1. a small or medium size plastic tote and lid
  2.    vinyl decals (the stove top set) from Wall Decor Plus More 
  3. a little patience

Conveniently, this mini stove comes with its own storage (the tote) for all the kitchen "utensils" your child will need and want. You can get these at Walmart for less than $20, or go through your own surplus, or check out a garage sale or thrift store.
Let's begin.            
  • First, the LID needs to be clean and free of dust or dirt. 
  •  Next, position the decals like in the image here.
  •    Voila! Your mini stove is ready for "cooking." It's really easy!
A kid-size apron will add to the fun. Are you crafty, or know someone who can run one up on the sewing machine? Child-size potholders or oven mitts will help your small cook with pretending – sew them, knit them, crochet them? Remember potholder looms? If your kid is old enough, help them make their own potholders!

Another plus is that this mini stove is portable so you can take it outside. Yep, mix in the extra fun of sand, water, pebbles, and sticks and who knows what else. Before you put the mini stove away make sure the "stove" stickers are clean and dry so it will be ready for the next cooking session. 

This mini stove will keep your little one busy "cooking" for hours, indoors or out! You can "cook" with your child or just "eat" whatever they whip up on their mini stove


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