Decorating with Wall Decals

Decorating with Wall Decals
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Friday, February 10, 2017

5 Easy Ways to Brighten Up Dull Rooms

Dull rooms got you down? Bored with the ubiquitous accent wall painted a contrasting color? Let's make it easy to brighten things up! How about painting all your walls one color (or even keep your accent wall) and then add wall stickers?! There are lots of styles and designs to choose from, and endless ways to use them. Wall decals are fun, easy to apply, and won't damage your paint at all. Don't you just love bright and cheerful polka dots? And there are so many ways to use them! You can create a random pattern all over the wall, or make a path of bubbles or stepping stones toward a featured item–or surround a larger piece of art with dots or bubbles. They're loads of fun when combined with stripes too.

2. Entryways are the first things our guests see when they come to our home. We want our friends to feel welcome when they arrive. Brighten up your entryway with our unique teardrop design. You can use this wall sticker alone or combine it with other stickers from

3. Dreaming of a Victorian-theme nursery? Let our vintage floral pattern give your baby nursery the elegant and refined appeal you envision. With its touch of sophistication, I can imagine it adorning an adult bedroom or a dining room too!

4. Circles are full of fun and will bounce around and brighten up even the dullest walls. Arrange them in a myriad of ways to add punch to any room. In the lively laundry room below, sorting colors from whites won't seem like so much of a chore after all!

5. If you have ever labored over the tedious task of painting stripes on a wall–take heart! Say goodbye to taping and measuring, and so long to wavy or crooked lines. You can get the snappy appeal of stripes without all the fuss by using wall decals! You'll still need to do some leveling with these wall sticker stripes but it will be lots faster and easier than painting–and your results will be sharp and snazzy.
6 inch and 2 inch Stripes

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