Decorating with Wall Decals

Decorating with Wall Decals
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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Make Your Boy's Bedroom a Unique Space of His Own

Every boy wants a space of his own. A place full of all his coolest stuff. Here are some ideas to inspire you in making your boy's room into something special that will be uniquely his. 

First, determine how he uses his space: does he play in his room? have company over? hole up with video games or his computer? Maybe it's just a restful place to sleep? Or is his room multi-functional?

Boys like color! What are his favorites? Even if you can't paint the walls, you can liven up his space with colorful bedding, lamps, and other decor–like wall decals!

Next, consider his interests. For the boy who likes cars (or the boy who wants to keep sister out of his room!) check out the lively "Boys Only" sticker. Does your boy collect "stuff"? Baseball hats, trains, rocks, model cars, action figures–all make interesting displays on walls or in clear containers. He'll take pride in showing off his special things.

Most of us are on a budget–especially when it comes to kids' rooms. Check out your local thrift shops or buy at rummage/garage sales. Repurpose an old dresser with a fresh coat of paint. Special drawer pulls are always a fun touch (nautical, cars, animals)–lots of fun ways to customize that old dresser.

There are lots of ideas for themes at Whether he's into astronauts, cowboys, cars, boats, music or sports, you'll find ideas there. Make his space patriotic, or channel a pirate ship or a tree fort. We have wall decals for so many themes. Don't forget the growth chart shown here so you can monitor how quickly your little boy is growing! 

We also have some great sports related wall decals! These would be perfect for that young man who really cares about nothing else but sports (well, maybe eventually cars and girls).

Have fun with this boy's room project, creating a unique space that reflects the special interests that your boy enjoys.

~ Sallianne

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