Decorating with Wall Decals

Decorating with Wall Decals
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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Kids' Rooms – Just for Fun!

Kids' rooms are all about fun, but sometimes they need updating. Get ideas from your kids themselves! It helps them care about their space, and might even result in a tidier room! More fun for all!

Kids' tastes will change as they grow. Choose decor that's just as easy to change. Do your kids share a room? Give each child a voice in the new decor plan.

Toy storage is important in kids' rooms. Low shelves are easier to reach at playtime and cleanup time. Keep order with different containers for different kinds of toys and label each one with a picture. Less toys also means less clutter, with more room to play.

Feature their hobbies and interests when choosing a theme for children's room decor. Try sports, music, art, or animals.

Paint colors will carry through on your theme. Do include your child's favorite color. Paint is easy to change later, and color can definitely revamp the entire mood of any room.

Accessories will carry through your theme too. Select easy-to-clean textiles for rugs, pillows, bedding, and curtains. Avoid pale solids that will show the dirt. Prints are fun and hide a lot!

Wall stickers are unbreakable–plus they don't need washing or dusting. Simple to apply and remove, they come in a large array of shapes, colors, and themes. What an easy way to create a fun space! 

Need more ideas? Click these online resources:

Pinterest is great for decorating ideas.
Wall Decor Plus More has boards on Children's RoomBoy's Bedroom and Girl's Bedroom.
Thrifty NW Mom has girls and also knows how to budget! Lots of ideas there for reorganizing your little girl's room!
Boys Room Ideas boasts 33 ideas for boy's room decor, ranging from elaborate to simple.
Affordable Kids Room Ideas on HGTV has ideas sure to inspire you!

Have fun with together while updating your kids' rooms!

~ Sallianne

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