Decorating with Wall Decals

Decorating with Wall Decals
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Monday, June 12, 2017

It's Easy to Remove Vinyl Wall Stickers and Decals

Wall Decals are Easy to Remove
Time for a change on your walls? Are you wondering about how to remove vinyl wall stickers in your home decor? We have good news–they're as easy to remove as they are to apply! Let us show you just how easy the process is.

As you can see in the photos below, no paint is taken off the wall or even stuck to the back of the wall sticker itself during removal. This is usually how easy it is. However, do be aware that there are a couple of factors that figure into the ease of removal of a vinyl wall sticker or decal.

Wall paint not only needs to dry, it needs time to "cure." What does this mean? Well, paint goes through a two-stage process: in the first stage, the paint "dries" when the solvents and thinners evaporate from the paint on the wall; in the second stage, the paint "cures" when it hardens into a solid film. This can take up to two weeks, or longer if it's very humid in the room, or during wet or humid weather. If a vinyl wall sticker is applied before the paint has fully cured, there may be some paint loss when you eventually remove that decal.

You can use a hair blow dryer to remove wall stickers. The heat softens the sticker's adhesive, making it easier to peel off. CAUTION: heat from the hair blow dryer can be HOT on your fingers too, so be careful with this, especially if children are helping you.

In the photo below, the new border we applied in our entryway is being removed, with the help of eager little hands. Be sure to read the caution below the photo, to limit which wall decals you want removed–and when!

CAUTION: Only show children how to remove your decals... IF they are old enough to know which stickers you want removed and which ones should stay up!
We welcome any questions you might have about removing vinyl wall stickers, but we're sure you'll truly find the whole process fast and easy!


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