Decorating with Wall Decals

Decorating with Wall Decals
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Monday, June 19, 2017

Liven Up Your Wall Decor with Geometric Wall Decal Patterns!

Think "geometric patterns" for a new take on wall decor! With vinyl stickers you can create a pattern that is classic and timeless – or wild and whimsical. Use our geometric wall stickers in a simple arrangement, or set up your pattern to frame other wall art. Wall Decor Plus More now offers Teardrop Wall Sticker Shapes. Our wall decor stickers also come in other shapes like stripes, circles, and dots. Unleash your creativity!

In the photo above, vinyl stickers form a simple wall border. They are so versatile, you can customize your wall decor pattern however you like. These decals are easier to apply (and to remove!) than a wallpaper border. You can also use the Teardrop Shapes as a stencil when you paint.

Two sizes are available in the Teardrop Shape wall decals – those shown here are from the smaller 18-piece package. The larger ones would be perfect for decorating an entire wall.

Teardrop Wall Sticker Shapes are simple to use. Just peel off the backing and stick the vinyl decal to your wall – it really is that easy to create your own unique room decor.

Another plus – Teardrop Wall Sticker Shapes are fairly forgiving about alignment. If the vinyl stickers aren't spaced exactly, or aren't perfectly level, you hardly notice it!

In the photo below, the teardrop vinyl wall decals are combined with the stripe decals to form a wall border that showcases a personalized wall sticker. What a distinguished entryway!

So think geometric as you create your own wall decor with our geometric-shaped wall decals – and be sure to check out our other wall stickers too!


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