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Decorating with Wall Decals
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Friday, July 28, 2017

Don't Hesitate, You CAN Use Wall Stickers on Textured Walls

Will vinyl wall stickers work on your textured walls? Good question! We at Wall Decor Plus More decided to do our very own test. By using our products on real wall surfaces, just like you do, we can help nearly everyone successfully use our vinyl wall stickers to give their home decor a unique touch.

Based on our tests, here are some tips and how-to's that will help you successfully use our vinyl wall stickers on your rough or textured walls:

1. When choosing a wall sticker for rougher walls, select one that has a bolder, plainer font rather than thin cursive letters. You could probably get by with some script lettering if your walls aren't quite as rough as the ones in these pictures, but generally it's easier to apply the bold, plain fonts on a textured wall surface. The thicker letters have more material to stick onto the wall, so they adhere better.

2. Work slowly and carefully. With patience you CAN get the vinyl wall sticker applied well. It can be tricky to get the top tape layer off of the lettering. On a rough wall surface, the stickers won't adhere perfectly. So if a letter gets moved, you might need to place it by hand; another reason why plain lettering works better than fine, connected lettering.

3. Once you get the tape removed, rub the wall sticker down firmly with your fingers. This will make the wall sticker "remember" its placement and eventually it will stay adhered in place.

The photos in this post were taken two weeks after the vinyl wall sticker was applied to the  textured wall surface. We wanted to be sure that the sticker STAYED STUCK on the textured wall–and it did! We're confident you'll enjoy the same success with our vinyl wall stickers.

Now you're ready to click on to choose your favorite from our huge selection of wall stickers and wall quotes. If you have any questions about choosing the best sticker for your textured wall, just contact us, we're here to help. Simply use the "Contact Us" form on our website.

So no need to hesitate just because you have a textured wall. You can still give your home decor that unique touch with a vinyl wall sticker or wall quote. Go to our website and choose your favorite today.


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