Decorating with Wall Decals

Decorating with Wall Decals
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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Will Vinyl Wall Stickers "Stay Stuck" on My Bathroom Wall? sure will, just follow our tips below!

Bathrooms are often high in moisture, so it's logical to ask if that will affect the "stickability" of Wall Stickers. Keep reading and you'll feel confident about using Wall Stickers to brighten up your hard-working bathroom.

First and most important: make certain the wall surface in your bathroom is CLEAN and DRY at the time of application. That's when the bonding happens. Once you have a solid bond, your Wall Sticker is ready to stay put until you are ready to change it out for a new one. Let your imagination soar–apply Wall Stickers around/above your shower/tub area or anywhere else in your bathroom.
Many bathroom walls are also textured. Because of that, some spots did get a little rough, but its not a big deal.Just simply smooth down the part of the Wall Sticker as needed to help it "remember" where it was supposed to be.

We offer scads of Wall Sticker choices for your bathroom. There are geometric shapes (bubbles, anyone?), pictures, and sayings or quotes suitable for a bathroom. Many of our Wall Stickers come in different sizes too. We know you'll have no trouble finding the perfect Wall Sticker to transform your bathroom!


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