Decorating with Wall Decals

Decorating with Wall Decals
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Monday, May 15, 2017

4 Quality Purchase Points About Wall Stickers

We thought it might be helpful to clear up some of the confusion about types of walls stickers and how to choose a quality product. customers contact us with questions or problems using their wall stickers, especially those bought from competitors. After visiting with these customers, we knew the product they were struggling with was not ours, but we still wanted to help. Some of the problems included:

• trying to remove a sticker that was pulling off the paint (see #2 and #3 below);

• being unsure how to apply a sticker printed on sticky plastic instead of being die-cut (see #4)

Four indicators of quality to help you purchase your wall sticker:

1. Read the application instructions before you purchase. This will clue you in to how well the product is made. If the manufacturer is sending you a film to apply to the sticker, that's a big red flag–a reputable wall sticker manufacturer has already applied this transfer film to the wall sticker. If you have to add this yourself and don't have a lot of experience, you may get wrinkles, crooked lettering, etc., making a quality wall sticker application nearly impossible. We often see this type of problem on wall stickers from China and Hong Kong.

2. Determine that the material is designed for Home Décor use. Vinyl stickers for signage use existed a long time before Home Décor wall stickers became popular. Those for signs need super strong adhesive to withstand outdoor elements–PLUS they need to be glossy to attract attention. Neither Glossy nor Strong Adhesive types are good for Home Décor use.

3. Choose Matte finish for the best Home Décor use. The non-shiny look of a Matte finish wall sticker allows it to look like a custom paint application. All high-quality wall stickers have this Matte finish.

Comparing Die Cut Decals to Cheap Printed Stickers4. Find out if the item is a Die-cut Decal; you don't want an image printed on sticky plastic. This is extremely important! A die-cut decal has no background permanently attached to it or surrounding it (ie. no sticky clear plastic), just the die-cut lettering/design itself that will go right on the wall. Some cheap wall decals are not actually decals–they are just a design printed on sticky plastic material, which does not adhere well to anything except smooth surfaces. Plus, the clear plastic looks tacky on your wall.

When you purchase from, you can trust the quality of the vinyl wall decals we offer–they are designed especially for use on the walls of your home, or on other surfaces such as glass, etc. Our descriptions and usage recommendations are informative, and we are always here to answer questions. Let us help you choose the product that will result in the quality image you desire.

Purchase from for High-Quality Wall Stickers for Home Décor use.

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