Decorating with Wall Decals

Decorating with Wall Decals
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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Tips to Help You Paint Like a Pro

You can easily change the look of a room in a single day with a fresh coat of pain in an existing or new color. Painting your walls is the single most dramatic way to refresh the interior of your home and make it warm and welcoming. Paint color is one of the base layers of home decor and is best done before updating furniture and accessories. Let's get started!

The keys to a successful paint job are planning and preparationIt doesn't have to be difficult. Let's assume you've chosen your color and, with the help of your local paint or hardware store, bought the correct paint finish for your project (flat, satin, eggshell, high gloss, enamel). Don't be afraid to ask those trained paint experts for help.

The tips below will help you paint like a pro, with amazing results.

Gather Tools and Supplies

These might vary from job to job, and will depend on what you have on hand, but the basics remain the same.
  • Rollers, roller covers with the correct nap for your wall texture, and an extension pole
  • 1"- 2" brush for cutting in and small spaces - angled brushes work best
  • Paint tray and liners
  • Drop cloths and rags
  • Painter's tape (the blue tape)
  • Spackle paste and a putty knife to fill holes

Prep the Room

This step will protect furniture and floors, plus the finished product will look better and last longer.
  • Remove drapes, small furniture, wall hangings, etc.  
  • Remove switch plates and hardware, if possible
  • Use masking tape or plastic to cover anything you can't remove 
  • Small items (like screws) can be covered with vaseline or chapstick (easy to wipe off later)
  • Move larger furniture items to the center of the room and cover with a drop cloth 
  • Tape off woodwork and make sure plastic dropcloths are taped down securely
  • Clean surfaces as needed (wipe off dust and remove loose items or particles) 
  • Spackle holes as needed and let dry per directions on container

Paint the Room  

Usually, painting starts with "cutting in" (painting the edges about 2" deep). Then do the ceiling next (if you are painting it), then the walls, and finally the woodwork.
  • If you have a steady hand while using a stiff 2" brush, you can skip the tape for cutting in; but be sure to have a damp cloth available for quick wipe-ups
  • Use short back-and-forth strokes to apply paint, but always finish with long, smooth strokes 
  • Dip your brush about halfway into the paint to avoid glopping up the brush and ruining it
  • When using a roller, work in 3 foot sections at a time, rolling a "W" on the wall, then filling in
  • Almost any color looks better with a second coat, even if the can says one-coat coverage 
  • Make sure the paint is dry before applying the second coat
  • Here's a great video with more details on painting a room:

    Click on this link for more tips on painting:
  • 47 Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Paint Job


This may be the least fun part, but once you've put everything back in the room, you can enjoy the results!

Do let a newly painted room dry or cure for at least 2 weeks before applying any Wall Stickers. Wall decals are great for adding "art" to any room, and they come in 30 different colors. When it's time to change them, wall stickers are easy to remove and won't ruin your wonderful new paint job!


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