Decorating with Wall Decals

Decorating with Wall Decals
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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Make Over Your Laundry Room

Is your Laundry Room crying out for a makeover? Has it become a catch-all you try to avoid? Time for a makeover! After all, the Laundry Room is where a lot of the "clean" happens for your family–let's make it attractive and functional. Tackle it as a Do it yourself project–it's fairly easy.

To start, figure out how you want the room to function: is it also a mudroom? a second bathroom? a sewing space? Decide exactly how you want it to look and where you want things to go. 

Next up: cleaning. Remove everything that will no longer live there. Sweep and mop the floor, wipe down shelves, scrub cabinets and appliances in and out, and clean your sink. (Don't forget to check lint traps, they can be a fire hazard.) Wash any windows and curtains. Now you're ready for decor–the fun part! 

Paint can be a big part of your Laundry Room makeover. Revamp with color! Choose a cheerful wall color that you find energizing.

Now let's reorganize! Get rid of the supplies you no longer use. Be sure there are handy shelves, rolling carts or cabinets for storage. You'll also need a place to fold clothes: a counter top (a drop-down one if space is tight) or a rolling cart with a counter on it. You'll need a sorting cart to separate colors and whites. Hooks or hanging bars and hangers can be used for drip-dry items and will save on ironing if you hang things up right out of the dryer. Use a fun patterned fabric to cover unsightly things like pipes under the sink. starts and ends in other rooms–mostly in bedrooms and kitchens. Choose different colored hampers, clothes baskets and hangers for each member of the family to make putting away clean laundry so much easier!

If your budget is big, bring in new machines! Or add a creative backsplash to brighten up the wall. Is your Laundry Room  tiny? Use curtains instead of doors with curtain rings that slide easily to improve function and color.  

At last–time to decorate! Check out the Wall stickers from Wall Decor Plus More, especially the Laundry Room sayings. There are lots of choices! Pick the one that makes you smile. Or add stripe or polka dot vinyl wall decals to create patterns that will liven up the space. Vinyl stickers are so easy to apply and remove–plus they won't harm your new paint. 

Whether you do laundry twice a day or every two weeks, a Laundry Room Makeover will make this chore a lot more pleasant. Get ready to smile!


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